Best Methods to Save Rain Water | Rainwater Harvesting

No doubt, 79% of the earth's surface is covered with water. But only 2 or 3 % can be used rest is salty water or in the form glacier. So we need to save water as much as we can and rainwater harvesting is the best way to save water. A question must be raised into your mind that what actually rainwater harvesting is?

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is saving the rainwater which falls down from your roof and gets wasted. There are several strategies to save drops of rainwater efficiently. Some of the strategies are penned down below



Tarp Rainwater harvesting

This is one of the easiest simple and efficient ways to save rainwater, and the best thing is that I will not burn your pocket at all. All you need is a Tarp, a pipeline, and a container. The steps for rainwater harvesting are written below

How to save rainwater by Tarp

  1. Lay down the tarp over the ground. ( Laying it in the foot of hills or under the house's roof will be much better.)
  2. Mound the edges of the tarp so the water can be trapped in it,
  3. Make a hole in the tarp and fit the pipe in the hole
  4. Connect the Pipe with the container or barrel
  5. Cheers, Now the only step left is to identify the loopholes, for that manually drain water into the tarp and check if its working or not



Tarp Rainwater harvesting

In this method, an artificial pond is constructed under the roof, one pipeline is attached to the pond so the water falling down from the roof can be stored.
Then, the pipe is further attached to the water container, or to the garden where the water is reserved to use utilize in gardening or washing.

How to make an artificial pond

1. look for the best place in your garden where you can make the pond
2. now place a rubber mat on the ground
3. Cover it with stones and mud
4. cheers, you've made an artificial pool make sure you check the loopholes

Rain Barrel

These are water container and placed above the soil and under the rood pipeline so that dropping water can be saved. Rain barrels are available in different sizes which store the different quantity of water.
A rain barrel is the most effective and money saving tool to harvest rainwater
Usually, the consumer faces difficulty to choose the best rain barrel as every rain barrel have its own unique feature. Moreover, a rain barrel also helps you to decorate your house as they are beautiful ( I Love them as a decorative material more. :p )



Cistern water tank

Cistern is very much similar to rain barrel as the only difference between both is that cisterns are large in size and have the capacity to store more water than rain barrel, and they are placed inside the ground and connected to with pipeline buying them would be little expensive (I prefer this to you only if you're living in a wet area you'll save a lot of water with this technique)


How to maintain the quality of harvested rainwater

Many people forget to check this so I'm including this just behind the methods ( Actually, one of my friends installed the rain barrel and did not focus on maintaining the quality of rainwater and later he suffered so I'm writing down this)

Use Filers

Buying a water filter will not cost you more than $5 but will save a lot of time and water. Sometimes the leaves and sand also flow down into the barrel which lowers the quality of water and it prevents the waste material to get into the barrel.

clean Roof Monthly

This is one of the basic things people forget, Cleaning the roof of the house is most important as I early said that the sand and leaves might flow down with water and pollute the water so one must clean the roof once a month

Check rain barrels Regularly

Sometimes the insects and flies get into the rain barrel /Container which also pollutes the water so make sure that you check the rain barrel once a week so that you don't regret like my friend

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