How to Start Gardening Beginner to Expert Guide 2018

Many peoples might have the intent to start gardening, but one question would always boggle in their mind that how to begin gardening from the beginning. So don’t worry and be with us till the end of the article and we will teach how to enjoy some delicious fruits from your garden. Germarting the seeds into the soil will quickly give you some green vegetables is just a misunderstanding. Gardening needs to be done with many measures such as feeding the ground, measuring the water level, adding manures. Begin the process in such a way that your plants or vegetables grow with proper nutrition, and it gives vigorous results.

Conventionally, the first step in proper gardening is accomplished by choosing your crop that you would like to grow. First all we are going to start with some gardening basics so that it turns out to be more easy for beginners. If you have fertile land, then I would recommend you to grow some crops that serve you back. So here we go with how to start gardening of crops? Also, it will benefit you if you are an answer seeker of how to start a flower garden?

Basics of gardening;

  • Don’t go with advertising because fertilizers would destroy the fertility of your soil. Only a few portions of organic manure and shredded leaves would work great rather than fertilizers.
  • Keep going with various amendments of the crops;
  • Planning your gardening beds
  • Using proper tools for cultivation

Choose The Perfect Place To Garden

Determine your ground’s space and choose the area where you want to seed your crops. Always remember that Every inch of that land has to be utilized to grow the crops. Try growing seeds in different rows such as horizontal and vertical rows so that it occupies less space and concedes you to bed more.

Check Your Soil Before You Begin Gardening

It’s a significant step before you proceed to learn about starting gardening. Soil must be checked whether it’s contaminated, acidic, or might have rocks under the ground. Checking the surface will help you to know the fertility and type of soil your land has. You can prefer an online kit to test the soil of your area.

Get your groud ready: Make sure you remove every obstacle from groud which you think might contaminate the ground. After that make the field clear for growing your crops, digging is the best way to do this process.

Cultivate the soil: Add some organic matter to the ground so that it becomes fertile. Animal compost is the best organic of all time for gardening. Try to avoid artificial fertilizers because that may harm your earth. Earthworm’s casting and shredding leaves would also work great for the surface to boost the growth of the crop.

Put the seeds in the grounds: Choose your desired crop and buy the seeds then put them into the dug ground. Although harvest starts growing within a few days, planting seeds too deep may halt the growth. 2-3 Inches of depth would be high for planting the seeds into the surface.

Water on time: The most important and troublesome work is to plant the crops on time. Watering in abundant sunlight could probably increase the chances of burning your crops.  Also, don’t water them up to an extension, go in a limited manner.

Tools required for Gardening

best gardening tools
best gardening tools

Hands cannot accomplish specific tasks; we need some necessary means for achieving results.

Shovel: It’s an essential tool if you are gardening in your lawn or backyard. The shovel is useful to dig the soil, and it helps to throw out any broken rocks, etc. Also, a shovel can be used to cut down existing crops.

Rake: It is useful to create multiple rows for placing the seeds and also helps to remove thatch.

Mattock: If your gardening in an ample space then this tool is beneficial to break the ground for cultivating purpose. It will also work great to throw out any large stones or existing plants that are hard to remove.

Cultivator: Scratching the land is a very complicated task and cannot be done without cultivator. So this type of cultivator will surely be good for scratching the soil.

Rain barrels: Most of the people avoid this tool after beginning with gardening, but according to professional gardeners rain barrels are very important for gardening purpose. We all know that every drop of rainwater is useful to us and nature, so best rain barrels turns out to be profitable in summers. It may save your extra expense on water bills and also conserves water.

Refer some books for gardening

There are some useful books such as

101 gardening tips

DIY hydroponics

the one straw revolution

these 3 books are too good for gaining extra knowledge of gardening. You can take help of Kindle, Amazon, etc. for buying these books.



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