How To Keep Flies, Insects and Pests Away From Your House

I Don’t know about you guys, But I hate flies and insects a lot because they are irritating and I personally tried a lot of ways to get rid of them and failed So, At last, I decided to ask my granny ( She’s Indian). She told me some strategies to rid of bugs, insects, and pests and luckily it worked for me so I decided to write it down for you guys because I know how it feels when you’re surrounded by bugs and insects. So, Finally, Following are the ways in which you can easily get rid of flies and Right under it, there are some mutual steps by which you can get rid of all of these.


how to get rid of houseflies

One the most irritating insect is housefly, everyone hates when they hum continuously around here and there. Also, there are a lot of diseases caused by houseflies because the main thing is they don’t care about hygiene and obviously they ruin your hygiene too. These houseflies can easily affect your food and let you fall sick. So what you can do try to keep your house clean, it would be great if you use any floor cleaner with lemon fragrance. This might help to keep the houseflies away from your house.

Mint-  crushed mint leaves can work in a great way to avoid houseflies, their smell irritates the flies. So you can spread few crushed mint leaves near your surrounding where you think it is possible for houseflies to enter inside.

Eucalyptus oil- This oil works as the instant healer because when you soak a cloth with oil and place it in an area where there are flies, it runs them away.

Bed Bugs

how to get rid of bedbugs

This is another evil which ruins your happy life, probably it does sucks your blood in both ways. Bed bugs are more in cold regions when compared to hot regions. They could not bear with heat so they easily die in such places with more heat. So you got an idea to suck their blood now, I mean you can sprinkle hot water all over the bed or anywhere else with bedbug issues. Also, they will die if you allow heavy sunlight to your bed or sofa. Heat is one of the best ways to kill bedbugs.

Bedbugs mostly flourish in wooden things such as cupboards, bed, table, and sofa. To avoid them you can pour (spraying) kerosene onto such places, try to fill the cracks in the wood because its a place where their gang remains.


how to get rid of cockroaches
how to get rid of cockroaches

Now, this is another troublemaker for The whole house, mostly for the women. Cockroaches are rapid and they don’t die easily so it’s hard to grab them or kill them. Also, they are expert in hiding to their respective places before you could catch them. There are few home remedies to get long-life relief from these insects.

Soap- No wait, don’t hit a soap on it!  This idea is a very good and a working method to avoid cockroaches. Soak a piece of soap in water and collect the soap water and pour it on the place you think cockroaches may be surviving. Just imagine if soap water can burn your eyes then why can’t it kill the cockroach? and it is the fastest method to instantly kill cockroaches.

Mixture preparation- In countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan you might easily get these already prepared tablets.  These tablets are prepared from boric acid, cornmeal and a little quantity of sugar powder. Make sure this powder won’t reach children’s hands because it’s a kind of poison. This mixture works as a cockroach killer.


how to get rid of white-leg mosquitoes
how to get rid of white-leg mosquito

There are more chances of mosquitoes where there is the possibility of still water or unhygienic surface. There are a lot of methods to deter mosquitoes in just a few steps.

Marigold plants-  This plant helps in a great way to deter mosquitoes because it’s smell restricts mosquitoes to enter your house or garden. You can grow a marigold plant to avoid this kind of insects and pests.

Neem- There is basically two method of using neem, the first one is you can use it as an oil. Just extract some neem oil and apply it directly to the body and it will work as a skin protection guard from mosquitoes. In every aspect, mosquitoes hate smoke, probably when it’s a smoke of neem’s leaves. Just collect some dry neem leaves and burn them and let the smoke enter your entire house.

How To Not Let Pests In

Check your doors and window

how to get rid of insects
how to get rid of insects

Sometimes, there are some holes in the windows and doors which invites the bugs and insect to get in and many experts accept that windows and doors are the main entrance of flies. Another Thing I want to mention is that close the windows and doors. I know it’s pretty obvious but it’s hard to do it and if you find it hard too then you can buy magnetic doors we have prepared the list of best magnetic doors.

Check Your Home Interior


In many Cases, The flies and bugs hide inside the interior of your home so just check and clean them weekly so that they look clean as well.  Or you can use sound pest repellent to get rid of them.

That’s all, I’ve listed everything which I use to get rid of insects, bugs, flies, and pest. You should try it too. I would Like to give the credit of this post to my grandmother who taught me all these steps to get rid of mosquitos and other flies.



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