How to Add Bot to Discord : Simply & Quick Tutorial

Discord is the free chatting platform for gamers – a very popular platform and is used by more than thousands of gamers worldwide. The application is fairly easy to use while managing the Discord servers do not require much assistance also.

The application itself has quite a significant amount of features, but more features can never hurt the gamers to make their usage even better than what it is already. Every user uses Discord in the way they want to – multiple customizations according to their preferences. Apart from the other features, Discord also paves the way for the users to add the bots.

Now, the first question is what is a bot? Bots are some simple computer programs meant for interaction with humans, or other bots to perform the functions automatically. On the websites with the customer chat support, it is usually a bot you have been talking to (at least for the initial part of the conversation).

how to add bots to discord

Bots can be either irritating or helpful, and this depends on various factors like their purpose, the design, and how they are deployed. On the Discord server, these bots are created for different features, which may be productive or not-too-productive for you. Like, some bots can play music for you, some bots offer you memes, while the other fetch your game statistics.

There are more than thousands of bots available for your Discord server, thus finding the right one is important. These bots are free, but there are both silly and useful bots available.

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You can find all the bots on the Carbonitex website – this is the best repository for Discord bots. The second one, as the name would suggest, is Discord Bots. And, for the one who wants to dig in every kind of bot, GitHub search for Discord bots will definitely fetch you anything and everything.

Step by Step tutorial to Add Bot to Discord

Open the browser of your choice.

Finding the bots

Visit either carbonitex, or Discord Bots, or make a search on GitHub search to find the best bots for you. Some of the best bots that may seem interesting to you are:


If you are a music lover, then this is definitely what you need to add to the Discord Bots server. This supports all the famous music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Dank Memer

Are you a meme lover? Then, this bot is for you. It will display different memes and has a lot of features related to memes.


This one will give you different games for playing, gives gambling as a choice, as well as has some administrative tools.


It is a game where you get to see your friends catch, and battle Pokemon while you are on your server. It is fun, but a silly bot.


Do you love linguistics? This one will give you a translation between different languages.

Create the Server or Join the Server

Once you log in your account, you will have two options – create the server or join the server. If you already have the server, then you can move on to step 4. Otherwise, you have to create the server first.

Click on the ‘+’ sign on the left side of the discord dashboard, and then enter your details (like the special name, and the region of your server). Then, in the end, hit create and then there you have your server set up.

Manage the Server

Once you are logged into your site, first check the permissions on the server which you want to add the bot to. You need to have those permissions using the “Manage Server” option.

Install the bot you have chosen to make part of your server

The installation process differs for every website and bot. Most of the websites will comprise of a button which would say Install, Invite or Add Bot to the Server. Once you click on this button, you will be redirected to the Discord dashboard. If you are not logged into your Discord account already, then you will be asked to log in first.

Manage the Server

Once you are logged into your site, first check the permissions on the server which you want to add the bot to. You need to have those permissions using the “Manage Server” option.


Once you select the bot and are redirected to your Discord, you will be then taken to the authorization screen. Then, click on the “Select a Server” menu and it will comprise of the servers that you want to add the bot to. Choose the server you want to add.


Then just click on the button “Authorize, and once you click on the button, the bot will be added to your server. If you want to see the bot, you will find it in the sidebar. And, thus this is how you can add the bots to your Discord server.

Downloading from Discord Bots requires a similar procedure, but installing them from GitHub will be different. Let us see how to add bots from GitHub to the Discord server.

For this purpose, you require a Client Id of the bot that you want to add. This can be done in two steps:

Open the following link on your browser.

If you directly run the above link, you will find an error. So, find the Client Id of your bot on Github, and replace it in the link above.

Once you are done with authorization, you will have your bot added to the server.

Adding a bot to discord is very simple, and in just a few minutes, you can have your fully functional bot ready for you to play with. Since you have now learned how to add bots, go and make your Discord more interesting place to be in with the different bots.

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