Best Vacuum for Long Hair to Buy in 2019

The loose hair that – literally land to every possible corner of your house, or to the deepest ends of your couches – are the worst kind of debris there exists. It is as if the hair knows how to appear when we think about cleaning and how to disappear when we start cleaning. Among all the other debris that the vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up, long hair can be really difficult to deal with. As compared to the smaller debris or crumbs, the size and shape of the hair are quite different. So, some vacuums are much better than the others for the task of cleaning the long hair.

When the vacuum cleaners were started, it was surprising the way every part of debris was sucked by the cleaner until the hair came by. The hair gets foiled into the vacuum by getting stuck in the brushes and many more places. And, that is when the geniuses thought of delivering different vacuums which would help us get rid of many of the problems caused by long hair.

Let us now the first talk about the various problems that are caused by long hair.

  • When the hair is coiled around the brush, it comes in between the rotary movements. This results in the burning of the motor.
  • Hair also gets stuck in the hose, and thus it becomes difficult to clean there. Because of this, the suction and vacuuming ability decreases.
  • Long hair gets wrapped around the filter, makes it stuck and then reduces vacuum suction power. And hence, the filter’s ability to clean the air stream decreases many folds.

It is also important to know what the best vacuums do for long hair differently than the normal vacuums. They follow the properties as follows.

Attachments are tangle-free.

Some vacuum cleaners, which are comparatively more expensive than the others, come with a tool that’s specifically meant for cleaning the long hair. Dyson Tangle-free tool is one of the many popular tools available.

Heads are self-cleaning.

There are some Shark vacuums which have self-cleaning heads that detangle themselves. Not much is known about the mechanism behind it, but obviously, if the head could detangle itself, it is the best thing.

The brush roll is motorized.

Motorized brushes are preferred over suction vacuums. It is easy to brush off hair from bare floors, while the hair needs to be separated from the carpet surfaces before suction.

The hose should be broad.

It is better to have a broad hose as it can be easier to clean as well as inspect if you suspect some hair being stuck in there somewhere.


To track the fill capacity, this is an advantage. You can continuously monitor whether the hair is clogged or not. And, then if you have figured it to be clogged, then you can clean it immediately. Transparency is important so that you can take the step in the right direction as soon as you find the problem.

Easy access

The vacuum cleaners must give easy and quick access to the brushes. Because of easy access, you will be able to keep a check on the tangles, if any caused by the hair. And, you will be able to detangle, even if the hair gets wrapped.

Motor Failsafe

If the cleaning head is stuck or clogged, then motor failsafe ensures that the motor shuts down automatically. This one is a useful feature for the vacuums meant for long hair.

Hence, this is all about the features that make the vacuum cleaner for long hair more efficient than the normal cleaners. Now, let us talk about the best vacuum available for long hair in the market.

Best Long Hair Vacuum to Buy in 2019


Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with Duo Clean AZ1002

It is one of the most popular brands which has created some extraordinary models of vacuum in the last many years including Apex. Apex is known to be the best vacuum for both long hair as well as short hair removal. Apex comprises of the combinations of different features as well as the patented functions created by Shark in the last few years.

The technologies linked with Apex are DuoClean, Zero-M, and Powered-Lift-Away. DuoClean is a brushed system that is made for hard floors and gives a polished effect. While the lift away features make you capable of detaching a nozzle so that you can clean in even the compact areas. The main technology for this one is the Zero-M feature which helps increase the suction and removes hair wrap to pick up more hair efficiently. And apart from the technical features, it is reliable. It is one of the few models which is noise-free, smooth and easy to use around your home. And, it is powerful as well as light-weight.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuum.

The name gives away its functionality, i.e. Bissell is an upright cleaner with quite a noticeable suction power. The suctioning ability that Bissell provides can very easily life dust, dirt as well as objects. It is a 2 in 1 cleaner and hence can be used in multiple ways – as a normal upright vacuum cleaner and as a canister vacuum. It is a piece of wonderful equipment which is used to clean up cars or even homes. It comes with a cord of length 30-feet which gives you the accessibility to cover as many rooms possible without stopping between any of the cleaning sessions.

This cleaner definitely serves the purpose of convenience for the user very rightly, as it comes with the release and which can allow the special tools to easily be replaced. Also, there is a brush tool that is of a tangle-free type. You also do not have to worry about getting your hands dirty as you can get the contents out without using your hands. Though it is slightly heavier than the other upright cleaners, it can help you spot hair or any kinds of debris even in the tightest corners.

Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

Another one from Shark is a great option for picking up long hair, along with other types of debris. Though Navigator is corded and is not as high tech like many others in the list, it is still a good option for the purpose of cleaning long hair. Weighing only about 15 lbs, you can carry it around your home very easily as it is lightweight. Plus, the length of the cord is 25 feet long and thus you won’t have to remove the plug, again and again, every time you move to the next room.

The dust cup is pretty big enough to take in a lot of debris. This one has the brush roll tool which will let you take the hair out from even the deepest corners of carpets and rugs, or even when the hair is entangled in your furniture. The brush helps to move the hair from their position so that the suction mechanism can grab the hair. All in all, it is one of the best-corded vacua for long hair removal.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010

Among the battery-powered cleaners, this one provides all with the most excellent cleaning power. It is an easy-to-use cleaner, which has a bagless design so as to let it be emptied easily. When compared to the other Linx models, this one has a better and a wider cleaning path. Like many other vacuum cleaners, this one also comes with the brush roll technology which aids in removing hair from the hard floor, rugs, carpets very easily.

It is tall, but with only 7.25 pounds in weight. While operating, it is not that loud (only about 75 dB, which is good enough for the eardrums). Dust cup can be cleaned very easily, and the filter can be washed easily – so maintaining this cleaner is not anything big. The suction power is excellent and can clean from every edge. The ease of use and the ability to be upright without any support makes it a good choice.

Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

People usually consider the canister vacuums outdated or archaic, but they have not lost their essence completely. Thought upright vacuums have become a big thing, Miele has made people come across a wonderful Canister vacuum to challenge them. It is compact and weighs only about 10lbs. Moving it around is pretty simple, in spite of not having the upright design. The swivel design is the one main feature it highlights – it means that just like a companion, this cleaner will follow you everywhere.

Miele comprises of an AirClean filter system which is completely sealed so that nothing can get out of the cleaner. A turbo brush brings up hair – even long hair. There’s a negative point about it that you would require frequent replacements of the bags. This one has a suction dial which lets you choose between six functions. You can optimize the suction according to the surface that is being vacuumed. Settings can be changed according to furniture, floors, and carpets.

Electrolux Ergorapido Power Ion 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

This one has a solid functionality with a sleek design – this one is made for winning all hearts. It is strong, but light in weight. The best part about this one is that it offers excellent performance because of the Lithium battery. On one single charge, it can run for almost half an hour at one go. Also, this vacuum has lights because of the power level it has.

The different lights indicate the power level of the vacuum: one light shows < 25%, two orange lights represent 25%, and three lights show that there is more than 75% power. While the red light would mean that the vacuum either needs to be cleaned or needs a break from using. This one weighs only about 5.5 pounds, and that is primarily why it can be used for a long time without causing any strain to your body. It has a bagless cyclone system, which is convenient for the one who is cleaning. With the wonderful easy-steering ability, you can literally drive this at 180 degrees. Because of this feature, you can clean all the spots are every little corner very easily.

Eureka NEU562A FloorRover

If you have a pet and are fed up of the pet hair everywhere around the house, then this one is a good worth for money. It has many features for hair, and primarily focuses on pet hair with the special pet turbo brush. The ‘ball style’ steering means that this one gives you the ability to literally swivel the body of this vacuum to every place of your house. And, thus it is one of the simplest and handy to use vacuum cleaners. Also, it can cover more space than its competitors in a pretty short time.

Also, this one comes with many impressive tools like a tool for upholstery, pet hair, and one for getting into crevices. The suction system is cyclical, and that is why it never stops sucking while you are using it. The HEPA filter helps you filter pet hair, and any other debris down to almost 0.3-micron measurement. This one should definitely be sought after if you are someone having allergies. It is lightweight and thus really easy to use because you can empty it very simply. Also, you are not required to spend extra money on bags, as they are not a requirement for this vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion :

Thus, this is all about some of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market for long hair. Getting long hair out of the way is an important part of the cleaning process as the hair sometimes knows how to get back to make your place dirty. There are many 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners which make the job easy for you efficiently as well as in a moderately expensive price. In today’s time, most of the vacuum cleaners save you resources to the maximum.

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