Top 7 Best Surround Sound Headsets for Gaming

If you want the best experience while gaming, watching a movie, or listening to music, then you should be looking for the best surround sound headphones.

You will find many great quality earbuds for listening to music, and there are some better full-sized headphones with professional audio quality. Nevertheless, surround sound headphones will give you such a great experience that no other earbuds or headphones will ever feel the same.

Surround headphones give you more natural, rich as well as extremely detailed audio. This is why when you use these headphones, it gives you the feeling as if you are part of the game, music or the movie you are watching.

If you ask a gamer about his or her choice of headphones, they will surely pick their favorites as the surround sound headphones. And, the popularity of these headphones does not end with gamers only.

Even the music enthusiasts and movie lovers are head over heels in love with the surround sound headphones. Let us now discuss the best surround sound headphones in the market.

SteelSeries 800 (Sibera) Wireless Gaming Headset

If the price is within your reach, then this is definitely the best gaming headset available in the market. This headset looks more professional than being gamer-esque and is thus targeted towards the adult and serious gamers. The Sibera 800 also has a transmitter attached with an OLED display which can help you connect to any device. If you play games on multiple platforms, then this one is the best choice for you.

HyperX Cloud II

This is the best sound headphone you can get under $100. The array of technology that HyperX provides results in an unforgettable experience. The features are as good as any expensive headphones might have. And, it also comes with multiple colors: red and gunmetal. There is an advanced audio control box for you to control the audio experience. The headband is large, easy to adjust and comfortable for you. This microphone is also good for video calls as well as online gaming.

Logitech Surround Sound Gaming with Dolby 7.1

This one is also specially designed for serious gamers with Dolby technology. They have many features which are too good to resist. Whether you are interested in playing the game or watching your favorite movie, this one will guarantee you the best kind of experience. Not only is it impressive, but also very comfortable. And, the best part is that it can very effectively reduce background noise especially when either you are speaking or playing in a very noisy place.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

It is one good choice for everyone including audio enthusiasts, movie watchers as well as gamers. It also has many features that are worth the price of just under $90. There are a lot of colors available – grey, red, slate grey, blue, black and white. As soon as you listen to the sound quality through the headphones, you will be amazed by the audio experience. And, the directionality of the audio is amazing as well, so you can get to know from where the audio is occurring.

Sennheiser RS Digital Wireless Headphones

This is a really costly headphone, but it is definitely worth it. It costs about $175, but it has quite a few customers who have satisfied with it. It is still one of the hottest selling pairs in the market. The sound quality is super clear as well as detailed. Though these headphones are not compatible with Bluetooth, you can very easily pair them via wireless audio transmission.
With the help of RCA adapters, you can practically use the pair on any audio device you want to.

Razer Kraken Chroma Wired Gaming Headset

If build quality, as well as design, is important to you, then it is quite difficult for the other surround headphones to match with the level of Razer. It is built from the durable aluminum frame. There is RGB lighting on the logo of Razer. Surround sound on this one is quite amazing, and you can tell where the sound is coming from. The Razer’s Synapse software can be used for making some customizations to the sound configurations.

Sentey Symph Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset

This one is a good choice among serious gamers. It is compatible with both Mac, Windows as well as PS4. You should check the functionality before purchasing the pair as you can maximize the functionality of the surround sound feature totally depending on whichever device you are using. The best feature about this headset is a comfort. It is quite lightweight because of the padded headband as well as the cushioned ear cups.

Corsair Void Pro

If you want the blend of value and performance, this is for you. It is known among gamers as one of the best brands for releasing the surround sound headphones. Nevertheless, they can also be used for movies as well. There is a choice of colors for you, but for most parts, the design of the device focuses on black. There are two versions for the product: wired and wireless – you can choose one of them according to your criteria. Sound 7.1 implemented gives you the best audio experience.

Plus, the sense of directionality is amazing. You can easily tell about the audio from where it is coming around you. There is a USB connection included which you can use to get a better sound experience.

Well, if you are in search of the best 7.1 surround sound experience, then this list is the answer for you. All these headsets are good quality and you cannot go wrong with any of them. You must remember that how well you hear is subjective from person to person.

Everyone has their own set of preferences –punchy bass, while some may hate it. In the end, the top priority is the positional audio which all the mentioned above headsets are good at. This is all you need to know about the best surround sound headphones.

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