Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviewed in 2018

Being a skateboarder myself, I personally know the joy and thrill of skating that a person gets. That adrenaline rush that grows with the pace, and the balance that you need to maintain, everything feels so adventurous. Not only this, having the best skateboard wheels gives you a feeling of awe as well.

However, skating requires dedication towards training and consistency. For amateurs, the most important thing that they need to learn is to maintain their weight and height on the skating wheels.

Therefore, choosing the best skating wheels that would be perfect for your body and skateboard is kind of a hectic job.
That’s because not all skateboard wheels are manufactured equally. Skateboard wheels affect your speed drastically. They are ordinarily composed of harder polymers like Polyurethane.


If all you want to do is some tricks with your board, then choosing smaller wheels with 50-53 mm diameter would be ideal. These are perfect if you want to skate in the streets or at a skate park. Moreover, if you wish more speed and agility, then the valid choice is larger skating wheels with a diameter of 60mm or more. They give you more control and balance while increasing your speed. And lastly, medium wheels are ideal for beginners but they are so many to choose to from.
So, whether you are creating a new skateboard or changing the wheels on the skateboard you already have, I’ll help you buy the best skateboard wheels online.

1. Spitfire Bighead Trucks 52mm

First off on the list of best skateboard wheels is the Spitfire Bighead. These 52mm Spitfire Bigheads give you an exceptional performance. Not only this, they come in seven different beautiful colors and designs.
They are designed and produced in the USA. Spitfire is my relatively favorite company as they come with a guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

The surface of the Bighead 52mm is made of wide wheel profile and 99a durometer. So, you get the maximum speed and grip while skating on the road. The traction of the Spitfire is great, no matter what model is it.
The durometer is really accurate for pools, streets, parks, and streets. It serves perfectly to both – the beginners and the skilled riders.


Made from advanced urethane
Durable and Pretty Fast
Guarantee on any manufacturing defects
Ideal for beginners and somewhat skilled riders
Sticks on the ground so you don’t slip out the lane


Not satisfying for pro players who require extra traction

2. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Next one on our list is again the Spitfire Bigheads. However, these wheels vary in sizes ranging from 48 mm to 63 mm. They are even available in different shapes and colors. They are also sold in the box of four making the prices all time unusual and affordable.

Like the 52mm Bighead, these Spitfires are also made of the urethane material. In fact, they are the first handmade wheels in the USA. Apart from great designs and colors, these wheels adapt themselves to the dynamism of skating such as tractions, speed and the balance making Bighead as the best skateboard wheels.


Very durable and robust.
Give you an utterly smooth and a high-speed ride
These wheels do not have the flat spot
Support different preferences and therefore are pretty flexible.
Prices are classified making them affordable
Are available in the set of fours
Comes with different specifications and colors


Not suitable for the very rough terrain
Best Skateboard wheels in the flavor are pretty expensive

3. Bones Skateboard Wheels Rough Riders 80a

Bones fit in the best skateboard wheels list because they look awesome. The appearance of these wheels are favorites for aesthetic lovers. The Rough Riders 80a are available with a diameter of 56mm and are pretty hard. In fact, they have the hardness of street tech formula like waxy white which is the foundation of its hardness. Bones Skateboard wheels have the contact patch is 28mm. Also, the soft 80a durometer gives you a great cruising and a super smooth ride.


Bones wheel with 80a durometer are best for smooth rides
Comes in a set of Four
Works like a charm on every terrain
They don’t fade quickly as the waxy white color is robust to stains.
Comes in incredible colors & pleasing designs.


Not good for starters
Contact patch is smaller
Offers less balance and not ideal for long-haul skates

4. Santa Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green

As the name suggests, Santa Cruz may be hard on your pocket, but they are worth investing. They use the original mold, polyurethane material, and the warpaint graphics. The logo and the trademark compliment the look but also enhances the performance.

Santa Cruz guarantees that they are creating the best skateboard wheels because of the features. You won’t find any coning, no softening, no bearing seat stretch and no speed loss.

With the durometer of 78a and the diameter of 66mm, these wheels are an eye candy with the neon green color. The Santa Cruz Skateboard wheels have an amazing speed, traction, and an amazing grip when rolling over different terrains.
The surface is also made smooth, giving you an incredible longboard adventure. The wheels are also easier to slide so you can perform crazy skateboard stunts.


Santa Cruz guarantees for no chip, wear and coning
Excellent speed, traction, and grip while skating
Smooth surface for easy sliding while drifting
A perfect 5 Star rating by the buyers
The polished NEON Green color glows in the dark


Lightly expensive

5. Ricta Clouds White 86a /Red Skateboard Wheels

The super shiny Ricta Skateboard wheels look like some tasty marshmallows. But don’t fall for their cute little appearance. These 86a Ricta Clouds aren’t your average skateboard gear. They are super bouncy and extremely fast, making them stand 5th in my best skateboard wheels list.

With a contemporary shape, these wheels are light and perfect for filming and cruising around the town.
The super smooth surface with a shiny coating gives you the necessary grip and traction. So, you can get the most from your skateboard riding drills. They are also excellent to ride smoothly on the roughest surfaces.
The only thing that you’ll hate is that you didn’t buy them when they were in stock.


Suitable for a larger grip and traction
Gives you the much-needed pace and speed
Modern design and color combinations


A bit expensive if you compare with other best skateboard wheels

6. Sector 9 Butterball 65Mm

The Sector 9 Butterballs are best for sliding and skating. They have a diameter of 65mm and the durometer of 80a. These are in our best skateboard wheels list because they come in a set of four but with bearings as well!
The contact patch is 38mm. The urethane in the wheels is butter based, and the best thing about Sector 9 Butterball is slide easily, even if they’re broken. There are even reviews by users like “Whenever I grab rail and lean back, I glide effortlessly”.


Larger diameter causes them to slide fast.
The design and graphics give you an arcade feel.
They are consistent in sliding and are also very smooth.
While offering such good quality, they are pretty affordable if you compare them.
The contact patch of 38mm is ideal for sliding at fast paces.


Not ideal for beginners
Not very good for skate parking

7. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

The Rat Bones Re-Issue Wheels are my personal favorite on the list of best skateboard wheels. They are stylish, elegant and look very premium at first impressions. The diameter of the wheel is 60mm. They are created with a great deal of unusual degree of precision.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones have a very nice durability and are pretty hard with a durometer of 85a. They unmatched in this price range and sports the best contact patch for fast wheels with a width of 44mm.


Best Durability
Perfect diameter for speed
Stylish & Premium
44mm Contact patch for great balance during fast speed
Highly adapted across various terrains


Not ideal for streets and parking
Would not recommend for beginners

8. Orangatang In Heat 75mm Downhill Cruising

The 75mm Orangatang In Heat has a pretty hard profile. These are among the best skateboard wheels because of the grip and speed they provide. The necessary changes like the thick lips and some rippled inner walls are evident in the design. They act as progressive energy returners on those sharp turns or when pumping.

The Downhill Cruising wheels give you a grip and have a very smooth feel on almost every terrain. They don’t just slide right out of the box. You need to ride them a little to make them slide easily. That’s because they have a firm grip and sharp edges.
If you want a little more sliding apart from these best skateboarding wheels, I would recommend the Freeride. The Orangatang 75mm wheels are ideal for speedboarding at high speed and rough road cruising. The size and width of the contact patch are perfect for the buttery-smooth slide.

Overall, they provide an outstanding performance, durability, and grip on the road. If you love to ride at very fast speed, these skateboard wheels are perfect for you.


Vivid color ranges
Highest traction and made with happy urethane
Versatile Longboarding wheels
The strong and supportive core that maintains the balance
In Heats ride over cracks, rocks, and bumps effortlessly.


No drawbacks

9. Everland 65x51mm

The Everland is 9th on our best skateboard wheels because they appear attractive at the very first sight. The minimalistic design comes in various colors and has a 51mm diameter. They come in a set of 4 and very strong when it comes to handling flips and cornering.

If you are a regular street skater, then you must have the Everland’s gears in your inventory. They are very affordable and are made of high-quality polyurethane material. The Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels ensure a good grip, exceptional shock absorption and prolongs the lifespan of the wheels.
Overall, these are the best skateboard wheels if you’re on a tight budget. The wheels look are promising and would give you a surreal riding experience.


Ideal for beginners and intermediate skaters
Available in the set of four cruiser wheels
Comes in more than 12 colors
Durable and long-lasting wheels


They have a very weird chemical-like smell.
But why would smell your skateboard wheels? #tongue_out

10. Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance

This classic set of four skateboard wheels from Spitfire comes in 10 assorted colors to choose from. The Spitfire features a 54mm diameter and an unusual 99a duro meter making it remarkably fast and hard at the same time.

Even though they are not the best skateboard wheels for a particular scenario, they are ideal for most of the situations. As the name suggests, they have more of a classic shape and are exclusively made for the newcomers and novice riders. Not only do these offer more speed but can get maximum control during all the sharp turns and downhill rides.

Since the surface is pretty smooth, there is very little friction between the wheels. They are no way near the trodden wheels, and therefore, are easier to slide. So if you want to learn new tricks and wish to do some crazy stuns with your skateboard, these wheels are just for you.

What makes them stand correct on my list of best skateboard wheels is the Formula Four Urethane. The material offers a unique abrasive resistance to fewer flat spots. Not only this, but you also get an extra grip and a smooth anti-slick slide. These wheels are meant to give you the best skateboarding experience ever.


Good Durometer range 99a-101a
Handcrafted with a classic shape
100% made in the USA with the finest quality materials
Guarantee against all the manufacturing defects


A disappointment for the power gliders

Final Words

So, this was my take on the best skateboard wheels available on the market. I’ve done my part to recommend you my favorites.
After spending hours on the research, they are the best ones so you won’t have to spend on any bogus wheels. And now, it’s your job to find the most suitable for your skateboard.
If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Happy Riding #hands_up

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