Best Rain Barrel: Top 5 Best Rain Barrels ( Budget Friendly )

This guide will help you save time, and put your money into the right product. As I explained, there are too many verticals that come into play, which makes it hard to make a decision. I do the research, so you don't have to !

A good rain barrel helps you in saving a large amount of rainwater without any wastage. Not only this, a good rain barrel is also animal-friendly.

I've made a list of 7 best rain barrels which will help you to save plenty of water

Why Should You Trust ME ?

For this article, 50 filters were considered, out of which I picked top 7 based on gallons of water rain barrel , how they perform, and product pricing.

I've been working as a gardener (part time) and was struggling to sort out the best rain barrel so i decided to make a list of top best rain barrels which is listed below

Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

 Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

Why I choose this?

well the reason that I choose Algreen as a brand because they are known for their best quality rain barrels moreover, it is said that "Brand makes the difference." the reason that I choose 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System as the best rain barrel 2018 is the breathtaking features and price which don't really burn your pocket

Capacity: 65-Gallon

The Algreen Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System mixes a timeless visual sophistication found with ceramics with the evergreen strength of modern day plastic. The rain barrel has a 65-gallon capacity and is made of durable, rotomolded plastic. It can withstand immense temperatures and does not crack, chip or fade with time. The Algreen System comes with a screen guard that is corrosion proof, a brass colored spigot, a 6-foot hose with a shutoff nozzle and an easy to remove crown planter on the top. It has a double wall and the accompanying hose attached neatly with a hood which ensures extra durability. Measurements of the barrel are 24 x 46 inches.

Best Rain Barrels

2. Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn
Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn is shaped like an urn and will add style and grandeur to your rainwater collecting.

It comes with a planter on top which helps to drain extra water and thus assists in avoiding root rot. The mesh screen keeps out insects and debris from the water supply. Its flat back fits tightly against a wall and is available in a 65-gallon capacity.

Why I love this?

  • Rain wizard is BPA free and is urn-shaped.
  • Top comes as a planter that can drain extra water to avoid root rot.
  • The mesh screen keeps out insects and debris.
  • Has a flat back design which fits it tightly against a wall.


  • Have to modify the downspout to get it to work correctly with efficiency.
  • Difficulty in getting the faucet to seal.

Kyoto RBSS-75 Rain Barrel

Kyoto RBSS-75 Rain Barrel,jog

The Kyoto RBSS-75 Rain Barrel comes up with the modern sophistication of genuine stone with the lasting durability of plastic. Made from the process of rotational molding plastic, the Kyoto has a great potential for enduring very high temperatures.

Why is it in the list ? 

  • Beautiful design that resembles expensive pottery.
  • Easy installation, no special tubes required to hook up the barrel.
  • Comes with a metal faucet that is high enough to fill a watering can.
  • Has an overflow drain at the top and another drain at the base

Drawbacks : In a forum a person mentioned that his rain barrel after mild wind, and it is expensive too moreover it have some issue of leakage too ( I'm not saying that it is not good, it is good but you need to take care of it.)


RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot

It has a flat back to sit snugly against a wall and can be linked to other rain barrels to increase overall capacity. It also contains a screen to keep out insects and debris and a shut-off valve to hook up hoses with a dual overflow.RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel is a perfect retreat to any challenge of water shortage. It has a realistic oak barrel texture that won’t fade, rot or get infested with insects.

Why is it in the list ?

  • Can link up several barrels to increase overall storage of water.
  • Set up, installation and instructions are easy to follow.
  • No leakage around faucets
  • Helps you save money. Has an optional stand.
  • Comes with a screen to keep out insects and debris.
  • Does not have large openings so it is child and pet safe.


  • Front overflow diminishes value from the overall look of the barrel
  • When the barrel is full of water, the back becomes bowed thus deforming it

Yimby 50 Gallon Planter-Urn Rain Barrel

Planter-Urn Rain Barrel

Released in 5 different sizes : 725, 525, 425, 325, 225 square feet. Heavy duty filter that can resist cold, heat to work well whenever you need it. The outer shell of the filter is made from Noryl, which is a sturdy co-polymer reinforced with glass.

The debris area is quite large which means you won’t have to service your filter system very frequent. It is capable of holding a large volume of debris and dirt before you’d have to empty it. Washing off the filter is quite easy as well.

Regular maintenance can be done without disconnecting or messing pipes at all. The setup and maintenance are made easy due to self-aligning bottom and top.

Salient Features :

  • Fast cleanings
  • Designed for easy servicing
  • Great addition to décor in gardens and matches terra cotta planters

Drawbacks : 

In amazon review section many people reported that the hole at the top is immensely small, so there is a lot of overflows. and Spigot tends to leak.


Buyer's Guide for Picking Best Rain Barrel

Capacity: The rain barrels are available in different sizes which have varying ability to store water ( mentioned and explained above ). You need to be clear what sort of size suits you. Usually, 75 gallons are said to be best (they are cheap in price and stores a lot)

Water: If you have an average sized home pool, this is not something you should worry about. All pumps can work efficiently for an average sized home pool. However, if you're purchasing the filter for a big pond, this is something you should look up to.

Durability: Rain barrels are made for durability. You aren't supposed to change them every year. Learn what material is the rain barrel made up of, to judge how long it can go. Usually, Cascata rain barrels are considered to last long.

Warranty: It's easy to get overwhelmed by unique numbers such as PPI and so on. In the midst of all these things, don't forget that things can still go wrong. It's always a wise decision to check out the manufacturer's warranty. A Warranty is a manufacturer standing up for its products. The more, the Better.

How Much Water Can You Collect in Rain Barrels During a Rainfall

It is a bit more challenging to figure out your water usage if you have a well. A water meter is, of course, the best indicator of water usage, but a lot of wells don't have a water meter. You can install one on the water supply line, but if you have the documentation on the first pump, it is possible to estimate without installing a water meter.

Well, systems usually rely on a submersible pump in a thick shaft. The water is pumped out of the well and into a pressurized tank. A tank pressure switch starts the pump when the pressure in the tank drops below the set point, let’s say for example 40 ppsi (pounds per square inch). The pump shuts off again when the tank pressure reaches the cut off demand, for example, 60 ppsi.

You can make a rough estimate of your water usage by noting how long your pump runs each day and then looking at your documentation to see how many gallons per minute (GPM) it pumps. As an example, your documentation may indicate that you have a half horsepower, single phase, 220-volt pump that uses nine amps at 40 gpm.

If your pump runs for 15 minutes a day at 40 gpm, you can calculate the gallons per day by multiplying 40 gallons per minute x 15 minutes.

40 gpm x 15 minutes = 600 gallons per day

You can calculate the gallons you use each month by multiplying the 600 gallons per day by 30 days.

600 gallons per day x 30 days = 18,000 gallons per month.

Now you can find out how much the 18,000 gallons per month costs by calculating the KWH (kilowatt hours) your pump uses each month. First, calculate the watts by multiplying the volts by amps. In this example, you’d multiply 220 volts times nine amps.

220 volts x 9 amps = 1,980 watts

To find the watts used per day (watt-hours), multiply the 1,980 watts by .25 (fifteen minutes equals .25 hours).

1,980 watts x .25 hours = 495 watt hours per day

The next step is to multiply the 495 daily watt-hours by 30 days to get the monthly total. Now divide the monthly total by 1,000 to convert the figure to kWh (kilowatt hours).

(495-watt-hours x 30 days)/1,000 = 14.85 kWh

Now you can look at your electric utility bill and see how much the 14.85 kWh costs you on a monthly basis.

You can also estimate your water usage by turning on each water faucet and measuring how much water comes out in a given period as described in the last section. You will have to measure landscape usage similarly.

As you can see, calculating your water usage using the preceding technique will only give you a very rough estimate. If you’re concerned about your water usage, you should really consider installing an hour meter that is wired into your float switch. This small investment will tell you how much water you use and how long the pump takes to pump it. If the pump begins to take more time to pump the same amount of water, the meter will also help you know when something is wrong so you can make a repair before the pump burns out.

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