Best Pool Vacuum to Buy for Your Pool in 2019

Choosing the best pool vacuum can be a major investment, so it is important to know a few things before you head out to buy one for you. The recent advancements in technology, precisely in the field of automatic cleaners, have really been raised up to some other level. And, thus, you can actually leave the scrubbers aside, and get your pool cleaned within a fraction of seconds.

But, there are a lot of options in the market available, which can definitely confuse you. It can really be difficult to judge which one is the best out of different options that are available to you. Therefore, knowing about various automatic cleaners will give you the upper hand before you go out shopping.

Some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before buying the cleaner are:

  • What are the best pool cleaners in the market?
  • What is the best automatic pool cleaner for various types of pools like inground, above ground, concrete, and vinyl?
  • Which pool cleaner is ideal for your requirements?

Before you decide to buy your ideal cleaner for the pool, these questions should definitely have arisen. The different features of various pool cleaners will help you compare them all, and help you come to a conclusion.

Also, it is essential for you as the customer to know what kind of pool cleaners are there. There are three major types. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you know the features, then you can easily and very significantly shortlist the best cleaners for you depending on your budget, and requirements as well.

The three types are

  • Suction Side Pool Cleaners,
  • Pressure Side Cleaners, and
  • Robotic pool cleaners.

Now, let us discuss in depth about the different pool vacuum cleaners available in the market.

List of Best Pool Vacuum to Buy in 2019

best pool vacuum

Dolphin 99996403-PC

Robot cleaners have proved out its worth when compared to the pressure and suction cleaners.
If you are interested in buying a pool cleaner that literally takes your pool maintenance to another level, then this is the one that you should be choosing. This one is one of the most advanced cleaners out there which uses a great design for floating, climbing and rolling all over.

It has a very simple function as it works by moving around the surface of the pool, removing all kinds of debris in the water. For an average sized pool, this master robot cleaner should take only 2.5 hours to get your pool cleaned. It has a hassle-free set-up as you do not need to interfere in the functioning of the robot. It is fully automatic, and thus completely eradicates the human effort.


This cleaner is a very powerful suction cleaner, which is famous for its quiet operation. Its power is proved as it has the capability to devour any type of debris. Within a fraction of minutes, one is able to clean the floors, walls and the ladder. Water flow is ensured to be regulated, which in turn ensures the best peak cleaning performance. An additional feature that makes it come in the list of best pool cleaners is that it has a wheel deflector which allows it to clean the tight corners with authority.

And, it also works without any difficulty on the drain covers without even hanging up. It would not take you more than a few minutes to set this one up. Its different features make it a valuable purchase. If you have the ability to regularly maintain the product, then you should definitely try this one.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is one of the most popular robotic cleaners because of numerous features. It can clean walls, waterline, and floor in a short time. The top load filter basket ensures you have got large enough storage space to handle debris. There are some active brushes that scrub as well as clean the walls and floor of the pool. These brushes can spin more than twice as fast as the speed of the robot to get rid of any contaminants. Also, the design is such that it will never hang up while working. It has a special software based anti-tangling system.

Also, this intelligent pool cleaner uses Clean Technology to find the most efficient way of cleaning properly. Some features like the weekly timer and smart navigation make it good for the users. The weekly time makes you capable of letting the clean run for a continuous 2-hour run without any sort of intervention.

XtremepowerUS Automatic Vacuum

There are many expensive auto pool cleaner if you are looking at the best options available in the market. These viable options can definitely make the work easier for you in just some amount of money. This one is a great option for you if you are in search of an option that would get you the best features at an affordable price. Setting this vacuum cleaner is easy as it does not depend on batteries or even on electricity. Once you have the pump, you are ready to go. The design has really enabled it to be able to handle any size of debris. And also, it comes with a testing kit such as to check chlorine as well as acidity levels of the pool water.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

These ones work in any ground pool, which cleans everything from the walls to the floors, and even to the steps. If the pool does not already have a Polaris booster pump, then the high price tag is subdued over the need to have one. Though the repair turns out to be pretty expensive, if you take good care, then you can still make it last for a long time.

The filter bag does what it does the best – captures the fine dirt with leaves, twigs and all kinds of debris which otherwise the other cleaners would miss. This is the best option for people who don’t like dirt (obviously!) or finely chopped leaves in the pool. This is one of the very few pool sweepers in the market and thus it is the best choice for the ones with the dark bottom pool.

Hayward AquaNaut 400 Suction Side Inground Pool Cleaner

If you are searching for something called a suction-side pool cleaner, then this one is the best for you. It will give you unparalleled drive power among the best pool cleaners. It also lets you cover your pool many times while it takes its competitors much longer. Suction is aided by the roller skirt. This model is compatible with speed pumps, which not a lot of cleaners have. Programmable steering sequences aid in making your specific shaped pool clean. There may be some struggles with walls, but otherwise, it is a good choice.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Groud Pool Cleaner

This one includes a lot of features that most of the people find handy. It comprises of the sensor technology, which allows it to clean the pool evenly – from all directions. And, in addition to that, it also has a timer with a handheld remote. It has a great vacuum and sweeps up dirt and even larger objects like leaves pretty well. This cleaner may struggle with walls and is a bit expensive, but is still worth it.

Hayward TigerShark Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner Model QX RC9990GR

This model has more than 55 long feet cord that lets it get to even the bottom of 20 by 40 pools. It can literally go anywhere – inclines, walls or steep steps. The strength of this particular one is that it is easy to clean. It gets almost everything – except algae. Just like what a programmable robot vacuum does, it has the capability to map out the bottom-most point of the pool, and then try to design the most efficient route of all. Plus, this is the best way to save energy when it finds a faster way to clean the pool.
No hard set-up, this one is a simple plug and play set-up.

This one has many screws made up of steel which are prone to rusting in salt water pool which helps in making maintenance a hassle-free process. If you have a fresh water-filled pool or chlorinated pool, then this is the perfect choice for you. If you are obsessed with cleaning the pool in a traditional way, and also you can afford the model, then this should be your choice.

Pentair Model 360032 Kreepy Krauly Prowler Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

This pool cleaner is heavy and heavy duty. It cleans large pools astonishingly fast. It scrubs, vacuums and also filters the water. Further, it scrubs debris like dirt off the floor, and bottom of the pool as well while removing debris. The filter is extremely easy to access as well as clean. And, it is important to be cleaned often. Such deluxe features come at a high price.

Finding someone to repair this might be a problem. Despite the fact that it has Pentair label the repair service is done by Dolphin. They are firm believers of repairing things rather than replacing them. Setting up this unit is easy. Assembling takes more time than setting up the cleaner. This specific unit is relatively quieter than the others. If you are interested in making sure that your pool is as clean as your living room floor, then this is the one.

Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

If the spectrum would be representing the price where the lower end would represent the lowest price and the higher end the higher prices, then this one would fit in the lowest end of the spectrum. It requires a booster pump by Polaris. And, the need for a booster pump definitely increases the cost as well. Also the hose rarely tangles! It works for any in-ground pool like concrete, fiberglass, vinyl. Its biggest strength is that it can clean all the sides of the wall perfectly. And, it can also clean the bottom of the pool as well. Unless you have a lot of debris or you don’t have the booster pump, this one is really affordable as well as a durable one.

Dolphin Premier In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Any model of dolphin is definitely a favorite option. All thanks to the wonderful design and energy efficiency, this one is a popular option. Due to smartNav scans, navigation has become more amazing than before. The strength is that it can remove all kinds of debris (even alage!), which is unlike its competitors.

There is a number of brands in the market that you can use as the pool cleaner. The above mentioned are a few of the many brands that can clean your pools completely. Among all of this, if most of the people who use were to recommend which one is the best, then by far Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best. It can clean all the kinds of debris, with some or none human input, and is not too high priced.

Can it get any better than this?

However, there are many options available. And, all the other options are worth to be considered as well. Apart from the fact that Nautilus is seemingly the ‘best’, at one or multiple factors others could win against the former. In short, before you decide to buy one, make sure you know each and every detail about the pool. You should know the size of your pool, type and the kinds of debris you can get. And, then choose the brand as well as the model which would fit your budget. You can get some good models even at a low price. Make sure you search and know about it all before you decide to go for it.

Hence, this is all about a few of the best pool vacuum cleaners. Choose according to your criteria, and different parameters on which the best pool cleaner depends upon.

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