Top Best Earbuds Under $100 to Buy in 2019

Looking for a Earbuds within your budget of $ 100?

You are at the right place. When you want a Earbuds that you can use every day while travelling, working, exercising, running or jogging you prefer earbuds that are hard and durable but also gives an appealing balance between the sound and build quality.

List of best Earbuds under $ 100.


Shure SE-215-K In-Ear Sound Monitor Headphone

We all know that Shure is a well-known brand when it comes to audio gadgets because the company has been in the audio game since 1925 and has had a lot of practice when it comes to what makes a great sound and the Shure SE215 is a primary example of that.

We recommend the Shure SE-215-K as it’s the Shure’s initial earbud and hence can be traced back to professional-grade in-ear monitors that are used for live performances. It features an enhanced bass dynamic micro driver that provides a full sound with a more detailed low-end.

It gives you bass-heavy music if you turn on the bass mode. The cable is Kevlar-reinforced, so even if they do get attached to something solid they won’t break down. But if in case, it breaks, you can always replace the wires as they are completely detachable.

Additionally, a gold-plated MMCX connector with a lock-snap mechanism is included in the product so that you can disconnect them from the earbuds if they ever need replacement.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Dynamic Micro Driver.
  • Detachable Cable with Wireform Fit.
  • Sound Isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your audio experience.
  • Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle designed in such a way that it rests comfortably in the ear.
  • Soft, flexible sleeves in multiple shapes and sizes gently contour to your ears.
  • The carrying case also included.
  • In all, it’s the best when it comes to comfort and isolation In-Ear Earbuds.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphone with Mic – Titanium

We know that 1More isn’t a premium gadget manufacturers when compared to the other companies on this list, but the company has been quite known for in the in-ear market with its triple driver in-ears.

We recommend the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear because, as the name suggests, these earbuds have three drivers inside the tiny housing, two of which are tiny balanced armature drivers that act as tweeters and the third dynamic driver which takes care of the low-end.

Further, it comes with a small mic and remote on its chord for you to control your music and answer phone calls. This model from 1More can also reproduce frequencies up to 40kHz. Additionally, you get six sets of silicone ear tips and three sets of foam tips to choose your right fit from to help with noise isolation.

Key Features:

  • Three Drivers.
  • The aluminium alloy earpieces are ergonomically designed with oblique angles that match your ear canals.
  • Hi-Res Certified.
  • Noise isolation and comfortable.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to an all-rounder In-Ear Earbuds.

Creative Outlier Air TWS True Wireless Sweatproof Earphones

Some of us already know that when it comes to the best pair of wireless earbuds within a small budget, the Creative Outlier Air is the best. We recommend the Creative Outliner Air TWS that uses the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, has a killer battery life, a secure fit and comprehensive playback controls.

Its design is fairly uninspiring and isolation could be more effective as it has corners that have been cut. It has a long battery life of 30 hrs in all with 10 hrs at per charge. Both the aptX and AAC high-quality Bluetooth codecs are supported, which results in perceptibly lag-free streaming at higher qualities.

You get the standard 10-meter wireless range so that you can listen to the music even from a far end. The sound signature is rather bass-heavy which tends to mask vocals.

Key Features:

  • Stunning 30 Hours of battery life, Boasting a staggering 10-hour playtime right out the box and an additional 2X of charges in the
  • USB Type-C charging case.
  • The earbuds charge automatically each time they are placed back in the case for storage. To recharge the case, use the provided
  • USB Type-C cable and connect to any USB Type-A charging port.
  • Graphene powered audio excellence fitted with the latest driver technology.
  • It produces detailed highs, well-balanced mids and immersive bass with the 5.6mm graphene driver diaphragm.
  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX/AAC.
  • IPX5 water-resistant so it can handle all that hard-earned sweat, accidental splashes, and even rain.
  • Hear audio out of both earbuds when making a call and enjoy convenient access Siri or Google Assistant with Outlier Air.
  • Access smart assistants like Siri and Google Assistant by pressing twice on the earbud paired as the main unit.
  • Make a call, select a playlist, or turn up the volume control, all it takes is a double press on the button.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to wireless In-Ear Earbuds.

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Wired in-Ear Headphones

When it comes to In-ear headset with balanced sound and good resolution why not go for the Soul Byrd Wired In-Ear Headphones from Beyerdynamic.We recommend the Soul Byrd earbuds as it fits within the budget and it outperforms the competition when it comes to sound quality and clarity.

It’s bass frequencies are emphasized but they don’t mask vocals. The treble response is also a tad exaggerated but never sounds too harsh in your ears. The flat panels sit below your outer ear, making these a great option for who listen from the bed. The Soul Byrd provides excellent sound quality and a functional tangle-resistant cable.

It’s ergonomically shaped housing ensures a secure and particularly snug fit in the ear. It has five pairs of silicone soft, silky earbuds that adapt perfectly to the auditory canal, thus allowing you to enjoy the best possible sound reproduction and choose the right and the perfect fit for your ears.

The wire chord has a 3-Button remote control with microphone for Android and iOS, Siri and Google assistant controllable.

Key Features:

  • In-ear headset with balanced sound and good resolution.
  • Ergonomically shaped housings ensure a secure and comfortable fit in the ear.
  • 3-Button remote control with microphone for Android and iOS, Siri and Google assistant controllable.
  • Simple elegance, pleasant feel and impressive wearing comfort.
  • Quality materials and real reliability.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to best sound quality In-Ear Earbuds.

RHA MA390 Universal: Noise Isolating Aerophonic In-Ear Headphones with Universal Remote & Microphone

We know that RHA is premium headphones manufacturing company from Scotland that is known for its use of superior materials and unparalleled audio output, innovation and refinement. We recommend the MA390 Universal In-Ear Earbuds that are power-packed in performance and compact functional in-ear headphones.

With its sturdy aluminium build, dynamic drivers and Aerophonic housing this is one rugged headphone that can easily take the wear and tear of everyday use. This compact RHA headphone is universally compatible with an iOS device or an Android phone and comes with a microphone and remote control so that you are able to control music playback.

The bass emphasis is good while commuting as lower notes tend to be easily masked by outside noises, so having a little extra oomph will help you hear your favourite bass lines better.

Key Features:

  • High-performance Audio – custom-built dynamic driver offers a richly detailed and well-balanced sound.
  • Noise-isolating design – earbuds are designed to fit comfortably and securely in the ear canal, minimising external noise intrusion for an enhanced listening experience.
  • Unique aeroponic construction – transfers sound natural, allowing air to progress unobstructed and unforced from the speaker into the ear.
  • Tangle- Free Cables – It comes with Y shaped braided cables which are 1.3 meters long and has a connecting end of 3.5mm and is gold plated for extra durability.
  • Rich Sound Signature – Gives a rich bass-driven sound output. The dynamic frequency range from 16hz to 22000hz that ensures precise sound rendering that allows you to listen to a wide range of sounds across all genres with the same clear and crisp detailing.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to style and budget In-Ear Earbuds.

HIFIMAN – RE-400 in-Ear Headphones

HiFiMan Electronics has continued to improve the quality of its RE-400 model. The latest version delivers consistently great sound with a more robust strain relief than previous versions.

We recommend the RE-400 model from HiFiMan as gives you to choose your perfect earbuds to fit from the 8 silicone ear tip sizes that have great noise isolation and is also lightweight design. The lightweight design of the RE-400 combined with the soft ear tips provides hours of long-term listening comfort.

It comes with improved strain relief, robust housing and responsive customer service. The latest versions have the quality cable to strain relief on both the earbuds and the 3.5mm jack.

Key Features:

  • The quality zipper case and provision of many silicone ear tip sizes.
  • A 3.5mm connector features a compact 45 degree angled exit design.
  • The aluminium housing design is fairly resistant to water and sweat, making these a reasonable choice for use when exercising.
  • In-line volume controls and a talkback mic are available on enhanced models.
  • Great sound that has an almost neutral response, not designed for bass heads.
  • Highs are clear and detailed without being too thin or overly airy.
  • The RE-400 earbud driver design sounds natural and smooth with a wide range of performance value when listening to a variety of musical genres.
  • 8.5Mm titanium driver with crystal and copper cabling and neodymium magnet.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to quality and beat sounding In-Ear Earbuds.

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Headphones (iOS Version) – Black Chrome

The Momentum In-Ear series delivers powerful bass in a lightweight and attractive package. We recommend the HD1 In-Ear Headphones from Sennheiser that has a lightweight snug fit design and specifically designed for wearing cable down.

The physical design of the earbud looks a little different than many other options available as it has a unique in-ear design that fits the ear very well and the lightweight construction is comfortable for long listening sessions. It has a single flange silicone ear tips that provide a reasonable amount of noise isolation.

The unique plastic housing design is lightweight, but it doesn’t look or feel cheap as the cable strain relief on the earbud is offered by a small plastic hoop that is reasonably effective without adding a lot of mass to the assembly. Additionally, Sennheiser provides its standard 2-year warranty with these headphones.

Key Features:

  • Four sizes of silicone ear tips are provided.
  • The 90 degree 3.5mm jack is compact and sturdy enough for daily use.
  • The 1.3 m (4.3 ft) oval/ elliptical cable design allows for reliable, tangle-free use featuring 3-button in-line remote with integrated microphone.
  • Wide soundstage, great bass energy, V-pattern response, some microphonics.
  • Custom machined, low resonance stainless steel housing deliver a detailed and accurate sound.
  • High-quality dynamic transducers produce a high output level with low distortion.
  • In-ear, canal design provides excellent attenuation of ambient noise. Multiple sized ear tips included insuring a personalized fit.
  • In all, it’s the best choice when it comes to durability and warranty in In-Ear Earbuds.

We hope our article helped you out there. If you have any doubt, recommendations, suggestions and comments please do comment below in the comments section.

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