10 Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server in 2019

If you are a regular gamer, then the probability of you not knowing about Discord is very low. In the world of gamers, discord is the most popular chatting platform in terms of functionality. Discord is the common application for all the gamers globally and is applauded by everyone for its robustness as well as customizable nature.

If you have already spent some time using Discord and setting up your own server, then you definitely know how many customizations can you make to your server. Plus not only that, but you can also add some bots to the server to help you automate the functionality of your server.

Let us now discuss the different bots that can make your Discord dashboard shine.

best discord bots


If you are a music lover, then you won’t be able to stay away from this bot. With the help of Vexera, you will be able to stream good quality music from different sources into one particular voice channel of yours. Also, it is a moderation bot because of the infraction system.

GAwesome Bot

This is the best multipurpose bot for your Discord server. It is the perfect bot! It is powerful and can be customized in many ways. Not only is it good at moderating the chats, but it adds on the different fun features such that the user activity on the server is increased.

It has the ability to kick, award or even ban the member ranks. Apart from that, you may also use it to conduct the polls, giveaways and generate some memes as well.


This one is known to the cutest bot on Discord. It was essentially built to keep your community living with some games, giveaways, and many more things.

Whatever function you want the bot to do, it can do with ease for the server. It has the view to make chatting a better experience through gamification.


This bot is an extremely capable bot for Discord if you ask the game streamers. There are tons of commands especially for moderation, for setting the welcome messages, some features as well as notifications.

It is not only for Discord, but you can modify the bot’s settings from some other dedicated dashboard as well. You can search the web, and stay up to date with the RSS feed. In fact, you can use some real money to customize the cards.

Discord Dungeons

This has a different kind of experience to add to your Discord server. There are so many updates, content, as well as an enemy system – you will run out of things to do. Invite the dungeons today.

It is a fun bot for you to try!

Dyno Bot

If you have just set the Discord server up, then Dyno Bot is probably the first bot that you are most likely to download and install on your server so that the functionality of the server is increased.

This one has lots of features that help you gain total control over its functions using the dashboard, apart from auto-moderation. There is an additional feature in Dyno Bot which can help you make some custom announcements, like when someone joins, leaves or is banned from the server.


This bot is the new standard for managing the gaming teams. If you want to recruit or improve your team, then this is the perfect bot for it. There is a team calendar feature, which can help you add some events and then send out notifications to your team when the event is approaching. This one is a really good deal for gamers!


If you are one of the people who love to read memes and then roll on the floor laughing, then this bot will definitely interest you. It is the best bot to share many memes with the community you have in Discord.

There are many commands to give you the most popular memes to add the spice to your conversation. Using MeMezBot, you can even call upon to share stories.


It is a chatbot for both Twitch as well as YouTube which lets you automate the live stream’s chat with moderation as well. It does a good job in this discord server as well. It is one of the most advanced auto-moderation bots which can let you remove any sort of inappropriate words, emojis, caps, or even spamming of symbols.


This one is the most favorite bot for a lot of users. It is a complete package that emphasizes the essence of chat, GIFs, productivity as well as fun – it is quite essential.

But, the main feature of the bot is the ability to play XHD (extra HD) Hi-Fi music, apart from the funky antics. For a music junkie, this bot is everything good.

Typical Bot

As the name suggests, this bot is both powerful as well as easy to use. It gives you all the essential tools required for moderation – like soft-ban, ban, announcements or even kick. There are some other fun features as well as mini-games in addition to the music, streamed through YouTube.

Plus, it makes sure that music can only be played either by the admin or someone who you have shared the permissions with. They can add more songs to the queue or skip some songs. Pictures, random jokes and important information like ServerId, ChannelId are all part of this.

As you saw above, there are many essential and different features that the Discord bots can add to your Discord server to make it customized according to how you want it to work. These bots can make a significant change in the chat experience as well as the changes on servers.

If you have your own community on the Discord server, then you don’t need to move around hoping to the other servers. Thus, these are just a few of the Discord bots which can make your discord server the best customized for you.

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