Best Browser Games You Should Play (2019)

In the last half a decade, the significance of mobile phones has risen to accelerated growth. And, as it seems, it will not slow down anytime soon. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, even the kids, and thus are open to the pool of the internet. Social media, group chats, television on Netflix, and being connected to the ocean of knowledge is what the last 5 years have been all about. Nevertheless, this was the scenario before.

There was a time when you would sit down in a chair, switch the CPU of your common family desktop computer on, and then say to yourself, “Let us browse the web today!”. But, back then, you neither spent time talking to your friend on Facebook nor did you spend time watching movies on Netflix. All in all, you wanted to do was playing the games on the web! Whether you were idle at home, or at your desk job, browser games were the best to kill off time. Unlike the other games, for browser games, there was no requirement for installing or doing anything with hardware.

All you need for the browser game is easily available – an internet connection and a web browser. So, even now if you sometimes feel like reliving your childhood, you can spend some time playing the best browser games on your computer/ laptop. Let us discuss a few of the best browser games.

List of Best Browser Games in 2019

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This one is about the casual retro shooters. The paucity of ammunition is the specialty of 10 Bullets. You will have just about 10 projective to ensure that you are able to take the maximum number of spacecraft. The trick is to time your shots in such a way that the debris from ships once you shot at them would cause chain reactions. If you are careful about the timing, you will able to clear out many fleets of ships with one bullet.

Abobo’s big adventure

If you are yearning for a Nintendo NES experience, then this game is meant for you. This game is an action RPG. You play as Abobo from the franchise of Super Dragon while you fight your way through villains’ with different capabilities. The controls of the game are quite simple and have a linear navigation format – with ‘A’ and ‘S’ keys as the attack buttons for kicks and punches. Plus, apart from the main quest, there are quite a few additional levels with many other characters from the same franchises.

A Dark Room

This game is on a different track when compared to the other browser games on the list. Instead of the graphics, it is based on the text-and-menu adventure in which you are supposed to build and maintain a successful community in the most difficult conditions. The supply management, as well as logistics, remains of utmost importance like surviving an animal attack. You can save the progress of your game, and start later again.

All of us at some point of time have probably played the classic Snake or the Tron’s bike battles. If you have loved them both, you are surely going to love as well. The aim is to collect the maximum number of power-ups possible for you. With the power-ups, the length of your snake will increase, and the control is in the arrow key. But, if by chance the head of your neo snake touches another snake or its own body, then you will die. The premise is pretty simple, but with many people on board, it becomes challenging.

Boulder Dash JQ

This is like an unofficial tribute to a classic in the 1980s. A Rockford digs through the dirt, trying to find the diamonds as well as avoiding getting crushed by the boulders or being blown by the explosive wildlife. It may seem crude, but the puzzling and arcade action makes it highly compelling.

Street Skater

This game will surely give you all the retro feels! As the name suggests, it is a skating game in which you have the ability to control a skateboard so that he can perform some ollies as well as some kickflips. The objective is to collect a maximum number of coins without dying. This one has quite simple controls – space bar to jump and it lets you perform some aerial tricks, while the shift button will let you control the speed.

Combo Pool

This one wants you to fire the colored balls into one tiny area. If the colors match, then they combine to form one ball and then upgrade to some other color till you finally knock together the pair of ‘explosive’ pink colored balls. But, there is a twist. You will have an energy bar, which will run out eventually if you just smash balls into the area without merging them.

Out of so many browser games, puts you in one battle between the two factions. There is a wide array of war machines, including the bomber, spider tank as well as Warhawks you can choose from. Controls, as well as the gameplay, is quite smooth. With the help of a mouse, and the WASD key combination is enough for you to wreak havoc on the battlefield by blowing some tanks or jets. It is hands down the most impressive browser games.

So, this concludes the list of the best and coolest browser games across many different genres for you to kill some time. If the gamer in you is not still satisfied with these games, you can go ahead and check out Miniclip or Kongregate. Both of these are wonderful platforms where you can play the game online.

Playing the games on a browser has its own set of advantages like you do not have to go through the long process of installation. Also, installing a game requires memory as well as space on your computer. You can avoid pushing your computer’s resources to an extent by playing browser games. And, these browser games are good enough to keep you busy!

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